All too often, commercial bathrooms make us squirm. They look dirty and we know that what doesn’t meet the eye isn’t very pretty. But commercial restrooms don’t have to be this way. They can be cleaner and classier if you have the right equipment. Installing hands-free bathroom devices is one way to do this. Here’s what you need to know about making your business’s bathroom touchless.

Why Go Touchless?

The best reason to go touchless is that it’s the most sanitary way to maintain a bathroom. Even businesses that are religious about cleaning cannot be expected to have completely germ-free, bacteria-free, virus-free bathrooms. And no amount of handwashing can completely eliminate germs and bacteria. If you want to make your bathroom safer and more hygienic, you should integrate touchless technology wherever possible.

When your commercial restroom has hands-free items, customers will know that the bathroom is cleaner. This will make them associate your business with cleanliness and make them more likely to come back. If you’re in the food industry where sanitation is crucial, having an uncleanly restroom could even cost you business, making touchless bathroom technology an even better decision.

Hands-free items are also more convenient than their manual alternatives. It’s easy for everyone using the bathroom to get in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing cleanliness. Because touchless features are motion-activated, there are no confusing details to figure out. 

3 Hands-Free Items Every Commercial Bathroom Needs

Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser


ASI-045224AC - Traditional™ - Auto Paper Towel Dispenser - Roll - (110-240V) - Recessed

The worst manual bathroom feature to use might be the paper towel dispenser. This is because you need it after you’ve washed your hands. Yet, because so many people have used the paper towel dispenser, it’s covered in germs so you’re just getting bacteria on your hands all over again. But with an automatic paper towel dispenser like the ASI-045224AC, you won’t have to be sharing germs with all the people who used the bathroom before you. The motion-activated feature dispenses towels when you wave your hand beneath it.

Touchless Hand Dryer


ASI-045224AC - Traditional™ - Auto Paper Towel Dispenser - Roll - (110-240V) - Recessed

The one downside of all paper towel dispensers (automatic or manual) is that, eventually, they run out of paper towels. If it’s a busy day and the staff hasn’t gotten around to changing the towels yet, your patrons may be forced to use tissues to dry off their hands or even wipe their wet hands on their clothing – which is not sanitary. As a sanitary alternative, there’s the ASI 0197-1-93 -TURBO-Dri. Unlike many hand dryers on the market, this dryer is surprisingly quiet.

Touchless Soap Dispenser


Gamco-G-950FA - Automatic Foam Soap / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Bobrick B-2013 Alternative)

Another filthy part of most bathrooms is the soap dispenser, especially when you consider that users are getting their soap before their hands are clean. This is why the Gamco G-95OFA automatic dispenser is the perfect alternative. No one’s germy hands have to get on the dispenser since it is motion activated. This dispenser can also be used for hand sanitizer in the restroom or throughout your facility.

Buy All Your Touchless Bathroom Items from Choice Builder Solutions

If you want your commercial bathroom to be clean with sleek features, check out all of these items and others from Choice Builder Solutions. We know how to craft items that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Browse our wide selection of touchless items and more to transform your business’s bathroom.

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