All too often, commercial bathrooms are uncomfortable and cramped. If you want your patrons to have a good experience at your business, you need to make sure they have a good experience in your restrooms as well. When you’re thoughtfully and efficiently using each space, you’re helping your guests have a more positive experience with your business. Here are a few ideas for how to save space in your bathroom and make it appear larger.

Integrate Recessed Features

ASI-9018 - Baby Changing Station - Horizontal - Stainless Steel - Recessed

Recessed bathroom features are highly effective at saving space. For example, baby changing stations can be big and clunky. While you want to include the changing stations, you don’t want them to get in the way of your other patrons who are not using them. The ASI 9018 baby changing stations will be out of sight and out of mind when they aren’t needed but easy to use when they are needed.

Gamco-DR-5750 115V -Recessed, Porcelain Enamel Cover, 115V AC, 9.6 Amp, 50/60Hz

Hand dryers are another item that’s essential for every bathroom, but they can be overly bulky and take up precious space. The Gamco DR 5750 is a hand dryer that’s recessed into the wall so customers still have a convenient, hygienic way to dry their hands.

The More Mirrors the Merrier!

One design trick to give the illusion of more space is to hang plenty of mirrors in the bathroom. While no bathroom would be complete without at least one mirror, the bigger and more plentiful you can make the mirrors, the better. Try to go for more minimalistic mirrors that can lay flat against the wall. Anything that has a busy design might make the bathroom seem even smaller.

Keep Design Choices Minimal

Like with your bathroom mirrors, you want to make sure all your design choices are minimal. Try to go for a color palette with softer colors. Anything that’s too bold and dramatic may make things seem smaller. It’s also a good idea to keep any wall art to a minimum. In fact, you may want to consider skipping it altogether. While wall art can make a space look more unique, it can also seem obtrusive and shrink the space. If you use plenty of mirrors, you won’t need wall art to add character. 

Make Space-Saving Decisions

From your trashcans to your soap dispensers, try to purchase items that are as slim as possible. Look for objects that can be mounted rather than taking up floor space. For example, slim-line, wall-mounted trashcans will leave plenty of free floor space.

ASI 20333 - Auto Soap Dispenser - Liquid - Battery - Vanity Mounted

When you’re looking for soap dispensers, wall-mounted solutions like the ASI 20333 are the perfect way to save space in your bathroom. In addition, the chrome-plated brass is reflective which is another way to make spaces seem larger. 

Minimize In-Bathroom Storage

Don’t fill up the bathroom with extra toilet paper, soap, and cleaning products. This would mean you need cabinets or shelves, and these can cramp the bathroom. Instead, have a storage closet outside of the bathroom for these supplies. 

Complete Your Commercial Bathroom Design with Choice Builder Solutions

The more of these solutions you can integrate into your commercial bathroom, the more spacious and comfortable your bathroom will be for customers. If you’re looking for even more clever and stylish bathroom features, make sure you shop the rest of the Choice Builder Solutions site. No one knows bathroom design like we do!

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