How to Adapt Your Commercial Restroom for a Post-Pandemic World

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding in the United States, there are plenty of changes triggered by coronavirus that are here to stay. A heightened concern over germs and cleanliness is one of those changes. If you’re a business owner who is serious about meeting the evolving needs of consumers in a post-pandemic world, you should care about this concern too—especially when it comes to commercial restrooms. Utilizing touchless technology is the perfect way to accomplish this goal! Here are some ideas on how you can transform your restroom for consumers post-pandemic.

Touchless Soap Dispensers

ASI-0335-S - Auto Soap Dispenser - Foam - Battery/AC - Satin Stainless Steel - 50.7 oz. - Vanity Mounted

It doesn’t get any sleeker than this satin stainless steel, vanity-mounted soap dispenser from ASI. But this dispenser is far from all looks and no performance. It’s a convenient battery-powered soap dispenser that will operate automatically when hands are placed in the sensor zone. All your guests will be able to wash their hands in the easiest way possible without worrying about all the dirty hands that may have touched the dispenser before them.

Thanks to the flashing LED light, guests will always have visual confirmation that their hands have been detected by the sensor. The light also makes maintenance easy because it indicates how much soap or battery life is remaining. That means you can replenish the soap or replace the batteries in the cleanest way possible. 

Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispensers


ASI 68523AC-4 - Simplicity™ - Auto Paper Towel Dispenser - Roll - (110-240V) - Semi-R


There’s nothing worse than washing your hands in a public restroom, going to dry them, and realizing you have to manually dispense your own paper towels with a lever. You just washed your hands. Why would you get them dirty right away by touching the lever that every other customer has already used?

 One of the best solutions to this problem is the automatic paper towel dispenser from ASI. It holds up to 800 feet of paper towels so it can continue helping guests dry their hands for a long time without replacement. In addition, this paper towel dispenser is semi-recessed and coated in stainless steel for a modern appearance.

Touchless Hand Dryers


Gamco-DR-510 -White Epoxy Cover, Universal Voltage 110-120/208/220-240 VAC Input


Another way to help your guests dry their hands in a safe, hands-free manner is with a touchless hand dryer like the Gamco DR 510. The dryer automatically turns on thanks to the infrared sensor. It’s incredibly powerful so it will dry anyone’s hands quickly. As a bonus, if you’re using hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers, you’re decreasing waste in your touchless bathroom. 

Unlike with a paper towel dispenser, you also don’t have to worry about replenishing the hand dryer. It’s truly the simplest and one of the most sanitary ways to dry your hands.

Make Your Commercial Restroom Cleaner and Safer with Choice Builder Solutions

As you can see, touchless bathroom technology is one of the best ways to prepare your business for post-pandemic consumer needs. Choice Builder Solutions has all of these items and more that are to give consumers the high-quality touchless experience they want. Our items help commercial bathrooms be the best they can be!


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