Choosing the Best Hand Dryers 2020

Many people don’t realize it, but drying off your hands is an integral part of the hand-washing process. The CDC puts it this way: “Germs can be transferred more easily to and from wet hands; therefore, hands should be dried after washing.” Whether you manage a retail space, an office building, a healthcare facility or any other shared space, it is important to provide everything needed for hand-washing, and that includes hand dryers. 

How to Choose the Right Automatic Hand Dryer

Your choice will likely depend on your budget, aesthetics, and whether you need a surface mounted or recessed automatic hand dryer. Most automatic hand dryers are either stainless steel or white in color, and they come in many different styles and appearances to suit your needs. They also come at different voltages and different speeds. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but luckily, there are many great options for you to choose from! Here are some of our top picks.

Our Top Automatic Hand Dryer Recommendations

  1. Bobrick B-3725 ADA Recessed Hand Dryers 115V

Bobrick B-3725

Our best-selling recessed hand dryer is made of stainless steel and has a simple, flat, unobtrusive design. It operates at 115V and has a sustainable power rating of 1.0kW. It is ADA compliant and CE marked. It isn’t the cheapest option, but it is high quality and ideal for most commercial settings.

  1. ASI 20201 Roval™ 1, 2 and 3

ASI 20201-1

Searching for a high speed, surface mounted hand dryer? This is exactly what you need! As another one of our best sellers, this white, plastic hand dryer is ergonomic and ultra-hygienic. It has a triple HEPA filter system and a great warranty. The series includes 277V, 208-240V, and 110-120V versions that you can choose from depending on your voltage requirements.

  1. ASI 0198-2-93 - TURBO-Dri™ Jr.

ASI 0198-2-93

If you want a simple, affordable, and quick-drying solution, this is a popular choice. It is heavy duty enough to stand up to heavy use with its stainless steel finish and powerful drying capabilities. It operates at 220-240V and is surface mounted.

  1. Bradley 2921-S0000H - Aerix+ High Speed, Vertical Dual-Sided Hand Dryer

Bradley 2921-S0000H

If you want to impress users with a high-tech-looking hand dryer, this dual-sided hand dryer is a great choice. With a silver body and LED displays, this dryer is impressive and ideal for high-traffic areas. It dries hands very quickly and operates quietly. It also has odor-neutralizing technology, a water collection reservoir to keep walls and floors clean, and a HEPA filter!  However, it is one of the most expensive options on this list.

  1. Bobrick B-7120 QuietDry®

Bobrick B-7120

If quiet operation and a classic appearance is what you're looking for, this Bobrick surface-mounted automatic dryer is a great option. At 155V, this sleek, durable hand dryer lives up to its name with its quiet yet powerful drying capabilities. This is truly a workhorse unit. No fancy bells or whistles, just a cheap, durable hand dryer.

Provide your workforce and your customers with the best hand-washing experience by providing a quality automatic hand dryer as well. At Choice Builder Solutions, we have automatic and high speed hand dryer solutions for every commercial space. Shop our selection today!

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