The Best Automatic Soap Dispensers For COVID 2020

In only a few short weeks the emergence of COVID-19 has impacted the way we live, and think about germs. As the virus continues more businesses are looking for the best ways to keep themselves and their employees safe. 

While some employers are moving to remote work, this isn’t an end all solution. Eventually people will be back in the office and on the move.

There’s one thing that all the experts seem to agree on: the importance of hand-washing and hygiene. We all need to do our part to keep the virus from spreading, and that means washing our hands before and after touching anything in a public or shared space.

Choosing the Best Commercial Soap Dispensers

Automatic dispensers are the best choice for safety and hygiene reasons. With battery-powered infrared technology, automatic dispensers can sense when a user puts their hand within 2 to 3 inches of the sensor. They will automatically dispense the correct amount of liquid soap, foaming soap, or hand sanitizer without the user having to touch any surfaces.

Automatic Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Here are some of our top recommendations!

  1. Bobrick B-2013

This sleek, rectangular unit has a simple, modern design. If you prefer to stock foaming soap instead of liquid soap, this is a great choice for an attractive automatic foam soap dispenser. It also works with foam hand sanitizer and has a corrosion-resistant valve.

  1. Bradley 6A01-110000

Bradley 6A01-110000 - Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser 27oz / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This automatic unit is made for foaming soap and hand sanitizer. It’s a curvy, sleek-looking dispenser with a reusable plastic reservoir, and it has a narrow refill indicator window on the front so you can see the level of soap or hand sanitizer within. It is also ADA compliant.

  1. Bobrick B-2012

Bobrick B-2012 Automatic Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This stainless-steel liquid soap dispenser can also be used for gel hand sanitizer. It has a large window on the front that makes it easy to see when you need to refill the container. It has lockable housing and is easy to refill and maintain. It is designed to be wall mounted.

  1. ASI 0362

ASI 0362 - Auto Soap Dispenser - Liquid - Battery - Satin Stainless Steel - 30 oz. - Surface Mounted

With a stainless-steel body and a 30 oz capacity, this battery-powered, surface-mounted automatic soap dispenser is a great choice for commercial spaces. It is an affordable option for liquid soap or gel hand sanitizer. You can easily see when it’s time to refill the container thanks to the generously sized refill window.

  1. ASI 20364

ASI 20365 - Roval

This automatic dispenser has a simple design and is made for liquid and gel hand sanitizer. While it does not have a window on the front, it does have a removable, translucent tank within its lockable stainless-steel exterior. It is a very durable unit that also has a helpful LED light to indicate function and operational condition.


Free-Standing Dispenser Stands

In bathrooms and some other areas, it will likely make sense to mount your automatic soap dispensers to the wall. But if you need hand sanitizer dispensers in a different area, such as by the entrance to your facility, you’ll need a free-standing dispenser stand.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

These sturdy, stainless-steel stands make it easy to provide hand sanitizer anywhere you want it. They are easily moveable and designed for safety and sturdiness. You can mount your dispenser using the mounting holes or using adhesive, depending on the type of dispenser you have.

If you’re looking for a dependable automatic dispenser for your commercial space, shop Choice Builder Solutions. We have just what you need!

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