When is the best time to remodel a commercial bathroom?

Corporate buildings must be updated regularly in order to accommodate the changing needs of the people using the building and to ensure that the space is still compliant.

The washroom is an integral component of pretty much any publicly used space, and needs to be maintained at a high standard. But when should you remodel your commercial bathroom? At Choice Builder Solutions, we pride ourselves on making commercial bathroom remodeling easier for you. Here’s our guide to knowing when you should do it.

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Why remodel your bathroom? 

Before deciding to remodel the bathroom, it is essential to consider whether or not the bathroom is due for an upgrade. Otherwise, the project may be an unnecessary cost to the company. Below are some factors you should consider before choosing to remodel the bathroom. 

Factors to consider when remodeling a commercial bathroom

    Time since the last remodeling

It is vital to keep your space up-to-date so that everyone who uses the building feels safe and comfortable. If the building is an old one, the bathrooms might not be up to the latest standards, or they might simply be falling into disrepair.

Regulatory laws such as ADA and OSHA are liable to change. For that reason, restrooms that have been around for a while may need remodeling. During the remodeling process, there will be opportunities to replace old pipes, toilet fixtures, and other accessories that are no longer energy-efficient or environmentally-friendly.

In the long run, replacing the bathroom’s features with up-to-date equipment may save on electricity, water, and other resources while making sure you stay sustainable.

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The timing of your remodeling work is essential. Typically, the majority of remodeling work takes place in spring and summer. While it may be tempting to remodel during this busy season, it may be wiser to do the renovations in the colder seasons. 

This strategy has a few advantages, including:

Cost savings: since supply and demand are lower in the winter, seasonal discounts are in plenty of supply. 

Easier to schedule: Remodeling over the winter allows you to more easily fit the project in your schedule. This is because there is less demand, and lots of potential clients are on vacation. Since most of the work happens indoors, contractors will have no problem with the prevailing weather conditions. 

Better products in the market: the products are not in high demand during the winter. Therefore, it is possible to get products that would otherwise be out of stock more quickly and affordably.

If you live in a cold area and deal with plumbing issues, however, it may be better to start renovations in the spring or summer.

    Condition of washroom accessories

Just as with all types of equipment, bathroom accessories wear out over time. Even though repair work can be done frequently, it is sometimes advisable to do a whole bathroom overhaul. Some of the signs to look out for include:

Slippery or broken tiles: This is easily one of the most overlooked factors when evaluating the bathroom. Damaged tiles pose a significant security risk. If you notice that your floor is in need of repair, you may be able to wait for a little bit, but you shouldn’t wait for too long.

Water leaks: Moisture may make the floors damp and slippery. If the bathroom experiences frequent water leaks, it’s best to remodel your bathroom as soon as possible. This is a more urgent issue than broken tiles.

Presence of mold and mildew: Due to moisture buildup or poor ventilation, mold and mildew may accumulate over time and cause complications for people with respiratory problems or allergies. Removing mold sometimes requires redoing the paintwork and replacing the tiles. This is another urgent issue that means you should complete renovation as soon as possible.

A constant need for plumbing repairs: if the bathroom fittings always need replacement, it may be more cost-effective to remodel the plumbing system to avoid such maintenance. 

An adequately maintained bathroom is essential to the workplace; hence degraded equipment should be promptly replaced to maintain high standards. 

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    Compliance with accessibility standards

Regulatory requirements are revised frequently, and one’s bathroom needs to be compliant at all times. Some of the standard regulatory requirements to be met are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If the bathroom is falling behind on a significant portion of these regulations, remodeling is the best way forward, and you should do it as soon as possible.

For example, according to OSHA standards, commercial establishments have to provide at least one toilet facility for every 20 employees, with one additional facility for every other 40 employees. If the company is upgrading to accommodate more employees, it is time to update the bathroom to support the extra demand. 

Some of the ADA requirements that commercial washrooms have to comply with include:

Grab bars: to be fully ADA compliant; the bathroom has to have smooth, fully anchored grab bars.

Accessibility options: the bathroom has to have enough space to allow for comfortable movement in all directions in a wheelchair. The toilet seat should also be the right height with appropriate fittings. 

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While it may be ideal to remodel all the features of the bathroom to the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the project should be completed within a reasonable budget. Although commercial remodeling projects may require a lot of investment upfront, the cost benefits from the remodeling can be plenty. 

Installation of energy-efficient accessories will save your resources. Additionally, with recent developments in bathroom technology, less will be spent on disposable items and in the repair and maintenance of the bathroom equipment. 

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The bathroom is an integral part of the workplace. If it’s falling behind in the latest standards, then remodeling has to be done. Some of the parameters to think about include compliance with local regulatory requirements, the time since the last remodeling/ construction, the cost of a remodeling project, and the current state of the bathroom. 

Although the returns from such an endeavor may not be immediate, remodeling the bathroom goes a long way in maintaining high standards for your business or organization along with satisfaction from your visitors and employees.

Choice Builder Solutions understand the importance of an elegant and professional commercial restroom. We know all the rules/regulations when it comes to providing accessibility for your visitors. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your space is in good hands when it comes to choosing and installing accessories.

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