A Guide to Improving Sanitation in School Restrooms

With COVID-19, the importance of sanitation everywhere has been recognized. This is especially true in regards to school restroom cleanliness. The cleanliness of school restrooms not only impacts students’ health, but also their likelihood to use the restroom and how they view the school. Keeping your school restroom clean is important to student health and your school’s reputation, so we’ve created a short guide to improving school restroom sanitation.


Clean Restrooms Often

The first step to restroom cleanliness is cleaning your restrooms often. Restrooms should be cleaned at least once a day, but for optimal cleanliness should be cleaned more than that, especially if it’s a large building with lots of traffic. Restrooms should be cleaned with proper disinfectant and cleaning materials. Proper school restroom sanitation will require several things to be cleaned, emptied, or changed:

  • Doorknobs
  • Sinks and handles
  • Toilets
  • Trashcans
  • Paper towels dispensers


If your school restroom is currently only being cleaned every so often or once a day, try increasing how often you clean the restroom. This will impact your cleanliness greatly and will decrease the risk of illnesses spreading throughout your school.


Have Touchless or Sanitary Products

While cleaning your restroom is important, having touchless or sanitary products is equally as helpful. Traditional, previously used products encourage touch, which can lead to the spread of germs. Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilet handles are all high-touch areas that can increase the dirtiness of your school restroom.


Transitioning to touchless or sanitary products not only lowers the number of germs that are spread on surfaces, but also reduces the amount of cleaning required. Some products include:

  • Touchless soap dispensers. This would include any soap dispenser that doesn’t require the user to use a pump, handle, or other device in order to dispense the soap. Most automatic soap dispensers dispense disinfecting, foaming soap. The Bobrick B-2013 is a great choice for a touchless soap dispenser.
  • Automatic paper towel dispensers. Automatic paper towel dispensers reduce the need for touching the paper towels or a lever. Touching either of these surfaces spreads germs. The Bobrick B-72974 is a perfect choice of school restroom sanitation.
  • Automatic flushing toilets. As with the other products, high-touch areas such as levers cause the spread of germs and diseases. Options include automatically flushing toilets or toilets that are equipped with motion sensors.

Incorporate Sanitation Guides

For younger students especially, sanitation guides, posters, or pamphlets are important for including around the restroom. Circular spots that show students where to stand for washing their hands can help students not only remember to wash their hands, but also practice safe social distancing. Guides regarding how long to wash your hands with helpful songs or tricks are also a great way to encourage students to stay clean. Remind students about cleanliness throughout the day to help with restroom cleanliness as well!


Your restroom sanitation reflects the state of your school, and keeping your restrooms clean keeps your students happy and healthy. Don’t let sanitation be a problem! Use Choice Builder Solutions to find the best solutions for school restroom sanitation.

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